Album Review Featured — 20 April 2012
Album Review: Snoop Dogg- Stoner’s EP

By Ahmad Awadallah

It is April 20th and who better to drop a project on this high and mighty day, but the one and only Snoop Dogg. The amazing thing is he never changes his approach to the game and why would he if his style transcends generations. His new effort, Stoner’s EP is your soundtrack for the day, serving up 10 tracks that are sure to keep you in the zone. Despite the shallow exterior, Snoop claimed the EP is extremely deep and not only does it give insight on his artistry, but also on who he is as a man. However, after listening to it, it seems like Calvin Broadus and Snoop are one and the same: pot-smoking, cool, laidback, simple dudes without any trace of complexity.
“Stoner’s Anthem” is a soulful tracks that Snoop freestyles over. We’ve grown to love Snoop’s poetically meek wordplay and if you have been sleeping on Snoop lately, then this track will surely remind you what you’ve been missing. It is a shame he spoke and inhaled the “sticky icky icky” for last 2-minutes instead of rhyming, but it is Snoop, so he can do that right? Tha Dogg Pound come through hard on “Make It Hot” and melodic production makes the song that much hotter. Kurupt strengthens his candidacy for the most underrated lyricist by detonating with bars like, “Black Nirvana/Snoop, Daz, Kurupt smoking marijuana/In a squada I’m promote drama like Osama/Obama bomb ya/suicide rhymer/get me a bad bitch like Katana/then post up in the Bahamas free of drama.”

Snoop is literally nowhere to be found when the EP hits a serious speed bump on “Weekend Lovers.” It features two-bit R&B singer Chris Starr. The song is generic from the title, to the concept to the shoddy beat, to the feeble vocals. Snoop isn’t even around to talk that talk and you almost forget you’re listening to a Snoop record. Beware if you’re twisted; skip this track as it will surely blow your high. The EP finishes somewhat flat with the lackluster “Take Me,” featuring Hustle Boyz and thankfully, Snoop rhymes on this one. Blunt boasting rhymes are plentiful and the bars are pretty decent, but the beat is weak.

Snoop will forever be respected and hailed as one of the all-time greats, but dropping four projects a year, you have to expect that one or two will be duds. Chalk this one in the dud category, however worth a listen on the high-holiday.
black-thumbs-upblack-thumbs-upblack-thumbshalf 2.75 Out of 5

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  1. In regards to your Snoop Dogg 420 Album review…Be careful who you call two-bit! I have successful features with Tupac, SnoopDogg and Ti…do your research…Your talking about LA Hard working independent artist…And you know how fucked up it can get in the wild wild west! Dont get it twisted…Thank you Ahmad for bringing yourself to my attention!

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