Society/Culture — 24 March 2012
Sinead O’Connor Pens An Open letter to Us All In Tribute To Trayvon

By shelz.

We’ve all been touched by the murder of Trayvon Martin.  Artists, athletes, actors, politicians and plenty of others with big platforms have communicated their dissatisfaction with how the case has been handled.  The most recent on the list is Sinead O’Connor.  I caught this link on Wendy Day’s Twitter feed and you all should know by now, The Planet loves Sinead.

Linked below is an open letter she wrote to the entirety of the planet, but mainly to black youth in the US.  Now, I could take issue with what I see as an over-simplification of the complicated path young black people walk in this country and her myopic view of Hip-Hop as the sole harbinger of negativity in the black community.  Hip-Hop is more a reflection of the negativity forced upon black youth by the same people who call them animals when they act out based on said negativity.  However, we are still responsible for ourselves. I believe Sinead’s piece comes from a really sincere place and there is truth in her words.  I appreciate what she has written enough to suggest everyone that reads Planet Ill take a look.

I also wonder what 50 Cent will have to say about this, if anything.  Read on and you will know why I do.

Click here to read her touching letter.

Thanks Sinead.


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