Planet Ill Breakdown — 22 March 2012

By shelz.

I’ve always wondered why calling someone a dick is a shot.  Dick is actually pretty great.  Calling someone a dick should be a term of endearment.  Like..

“Wow, you’re awesome.  You’re a real dick.”

But it’s not.  Being a dick is being a really uncool kind of guy.  I guess that shadiness is magnified when someone calls out your dick behavior by its proper name.  You must be being a mega dick for someone to call you Richard.  Just ask Obie Trice and Eminem. They are self proclaimed Richards …err…dicks.

This Statik Selektah production is odd.  A little Caribbean and a little 80’s dance, it’s less convoluted than what he normally supplies. I guess this is his idea of light; something complimentary to all of this Johnson talk.

Obie actually spends his first verse waxing nostalgic about Hip-Hop’s good ole days and his youthful shenanigans. But he hands the mic over to Em who gets pretty myopic in theme. His dick, dumb chicks and lots of disrespect are all he has this time around. That’s shocking right? We’ve never heard that from him before.

This is one of those tracks that quickly fades to background noise.  Em’s not yelling so it’s easy to lose focus.  Obie does better than his homie here, but his verses aren’t good enough to overcome Em’s aging shtick and Statik’s less than phenomenal production.

Or maybe I’m just being a dick.  Listen and tell us what you think.


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