And The Beat Goes On: Uncle Sam To Leave Nas’ Pockets Like Rabbit Ears

By shelz.

It was all good when Kelis was getting paid in gift cards.  Or maybe it wasn’t.  Planet Ill ran a piece a couple of years ago about Nas and his poor financial acumen, but I guess years of not giving Uncle Sam his tribute has caught up with him.  According to TMZ the IRS is garnishing Nas’ wages until he pays back the 6 million dollars he owes.  That’s a lot of garnish.  Maybe his label should start paying him in gift cards.

Always remember.  The only two things you cannot avoid in this life are death and taxes.  On with the show. Today, we have a Bjork remix, a Kirko Bangz re-tool and a partridge in a pear tree. Okay, no pear tree.  We do have a pair of emcees with a pair of beat jacks a piece, though.  First up Chamillionaire.

The first of the two offerings we have from Chamillionaire is his take on Schoolboy Q and ASAP Rocky’s “Hands On the Wheel,” which contains a sample of Lissie’s cover of Kid Cudi’s “Pursuit of Happiness.”  Cudi’s original has been molested a million times, but we rarely hear about Steve Aoki’s remix which is my favorite reconfiguring of the tune.  Anyway, here’s Chamillionaire in all of his Texas glory.  Steve’s remix follows.

Chamillionaire-Hands-On-The-Wheel.mp3 Kid-Cudi-Pursuit-of-Happiness-Steve-Aoki-Remix.mp3


Next we have Chamillionaire tackling The Throne’s “No Church in the Wild.” He scrubs Frank Ocean from the track and adds someone who sounds alot like him to lay down some new lyrics.  A.thouri.dee? Don’t act like y’all didn’t here that.



Our next tune is a remix of Bjork’s “Crystalline” by Current Value.  The song is part of a collection of remixes that Bjork is putting together for release that also includes remixes from Hudson Mohawke and These New Puritans.  Bjork is a genius at taking one album and selling it 100 different ways.  So, here’s “Crystalline” with some thump attached.



Moving on we have Rick Ross tossing a couple of bars onto Rihanna’s already remixed “Birthday Cake.”  I think there is something kind of creepy about Ross interjecting himself into the back and forth between Rihanna and Chris Brown.  Like your dirty uncle hiding in your closet when your boyfriend comes over.  Ewwww.



I didn’t think this “Cashing Out” song could get any worse, but Soulja Boy proved me wrong.  You do not have a condo on your wrist.  Stop saying that. All that means is you are aspiring to be a knit wit.  Invest in your 401k and be happy with that Fossil.



Bow Wow is rapping over Kirko Bangz’ “Drank in My Cup.” That will be all.



Last, but not least, is A$AP Rockey taking on “I Really Mean It” and “Yonkers.” I’m going to assume this is a true freestyle, because I can’t find a single narrative.  Hes just all over the place, but he doesn’t choke.  He says he can do it all day.  He might be right. “Yonkers” is still a dope beat, right?



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