Planet Ill Breakdown — 24 February 2012

By Odeisel

Well, now that Nicki Minaj has attention whored herself into possibly jumping the shark with her Roman Catholic rendition on the Grammy Awards, she attempts to jump back in the water for the first single from her sophomore album, backed by fellow jegging-clad shark jumper Lil Wayne for the track “Roman Reloaded.”

There have been alter egos in Hip-Hop for ages, from MC Ricky Dee, to Redman and Reggie Noble to Biggie rhyming as an alter ego robbing trains to Nas as Scarlet, so Nicki’s gimmick isn’t all that original, rapping as another personality. When we take a look at how even TI flopped with TI vs TIP, you see that that kind of gimmick is only good in spurts, so nothing good can come of her dragging her Sybil shtick this far out. At this point it’s not even a matter of taste, which is all but absent, but it’s not really that good.

This track is more of the same. You heard the song before. Young Money star (insert Drake or Nicki) opens the song and kicks a few verses and then big brother Weezy closes it out.  This is the Flew version so shout out to him breaking it, and there are bombs galore but it’s standard Young Money fare. The beat bangs, with thumping, low bottom drums, hand claps and snare drums for accent. He takes yet ANOTHER stab at Lil Kim. There’s a stab at Chris Bosh. “Take bitches to school then Columbine.” Another example of a slick line coated by poor taste. Then a cleverly wack closing line Big Sean style: Bite Me, Apple sign. L. Weezy drops an effective cleanup, he’s had better he’s had worse.

There is a lot of wasted movement on this and Wayne shouts out Blood gang despite the multiple times some hood has had him under pressure and he wouldn’t get out the car, but nobody really cares about reality so it’s moot at this point. The track knocks. Solid but unspectacular. But it bangs. Enjoy.

Nicki Minaj Feat Lil Wayne – Roman Reloaded


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