And The Beat Goes On: Ed Sheeran Loves New York

By shelz.

Chris Brown?  Again?  We will get to all the beat biters and dope song takers who liter this column from time to time, but this Chris Brown thing has flare ups like herpes and it needs to stop. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not on the forgive and forget bandwagon.  No sir.  However, I am for productive contributions to change and tweeting nastygrams about Mr. Brown isn’t going to fix the domestic violence issue in this country.  It serves no purpose.  If you feel like you are helping the cause, you are mistaken.

Mr. Brown is not the problem. He’s the poster child. Taking shots at him alleviates arm chair activists of real responsibility to the issues that allegedly stir them and he needs to try to understand that mentality and work around it.

Also, someone in Chris Browns life really needs to address all the negative reflex in his actions. Take his twitter toys away from him and keep him away from windows. Finally, teach him the meaning of the word contrite. This won’t stop until someone does.

On with the show. First up is Ed Sheeran and his take on Jay-Z’s “Empire State Of Mind.”

We heard how seamlessly this track moves into pops realm with Alicia Keys’ Sean Carter-less rendition. Sheeran removes the orchestral dramatics and adds an acoustic guitar and voila, a totally different sound. This kid may be walking in the door Adele opened to soak up some of this US love for UK artists. His work with Yelawolf was pretty dope. Keep your eye on him.

Ed Sheeran – Empire State Of Mind

Next is Joell Ortiz tossing a few bars on top of Rick Ross’ “Stay Schemin.” The narrativs is all about work ethic and bumps in the Hip Hop road and Ortiz makes it compelling as usual. His homeboy Budden also took possession of the Ross track for his own take on the popular track. Check them both out and tell us who wore it better.

Joell Ortiz – Stay Schemin

Joe Budden-Stay Schemin Freestyle

Moving on we have Girls presenting some Whitney Houston homage in the form of “I Will Always Love You” at the Laneway Festival in Singapore. He’s no Whitney, but the crowd response is touching to me. The idea of people so far away knowing a 20 year old song word for word speaks volumes to Whitney’s presence in music. Considering Girls demographic, the crowd was in diapers when The Bodyguard came out.

Last but not least is CeCe Teneal. I don’t know this singer, but what she does to Eleanor Rigby is just divine.


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