And The Beat Goes On: Black Keys Pick The Easy Target

By shelz.

And The Beat is back in town and ready to give you a weekly dose of sonic sloppy seconds.  The remix/freestyle/cover treadmill was set on full blast this week so we have a lot of re-heated beats  to cover.  Before we get started though, let’s take a look at some rock beef.  Black Keys took a jab at Nickelback because word on the street is that they suck.

Poor Nickelback.  They just wanted to be big rock stars.

The Canadian rockers accomplished just that, but with big success came big denigration.  The quartet has regularly been the target of angry rock elitists who find their music just dreadful.  3 stacks told us a long time ago that there was a time and place for all styles and co-habitation in the music world should be appreciated.  I guess that goes for all genres, but don’t tell Black Keys that. One half of the duo, Patrick Carney, told Rolling Stone that he has nooooooo desire to be counted in a genre that hosts Nickelback.  None at all.

“You should never try to be the biggest rock band in the world. Fuck that! Rock & Roll is the music I feel the most passionately about, and I don’t like to see it fucking ruined and spoon-fed down our throats in this watered-down, post-grunge crap, horrendous shit. When people start lumping us into that kind of shit, its like, ‘Fuck you,’ honestly.”

Well damn.

This is almost as bad as this.  Not quite, but almost.  Anyway, he’s entitled, but Nickelback has the cross-hairs on them and have for some time.  There’s no repercussion for talking shit about them because everyone does and I’m sure Mr. Carney knows that.  When you think about it that way, this comment comes off almost cowardly.

Let’s get on with the show folks.

First up is Domo Genesis with a couple of new bars spread over Pac’s “Temptations.”

Domo calls this one “Stray Bullets,” but It sounds like Mr. Genesis is definitely taking aim.  Niggas hate to see him winning?  All he smells is bullshit?  Dudes are more jealous than hoes?  Hmm.  I don’t keep up with Odd Future so I have no idea who he’s talking about.  If you know, hip a sister to the target.



Next we have Mario taking on Drakes “The Motto.”  I have to support my homie, but damn these singers rapping.  We already have rappers who can’t rap and singers who can’t sing.  Why would we want a guy who can actually sing wasting his time rapping?  Stop playing. BMORE!



J –Hood finds himself holding Goodie Mob’s Goodie Bag. All I can say is I miss Organized Noize.  Wait. Did he say he’s the next best rapper after Jay?  I can say one more thing.  No.

J Hood – Goodie Bag


Styles P is next and wow does he sound drunk.  I mean he said he was, but I thought he was just saying that like Royce did. P decided to give Frank Ocean’s “Swim Good” a turn with “Float Good,” but I’m not sure if floating good and rapping good go hand in hand. He’s in the mist like humidifiers? Lol…



Rich Forever is coming, but by the time we get it we will probably have heard all of it.  This isn’t my favorite track, but anything beats “Tony Montana.”  Walaaaaaa. “Magic”



Moving on we have Troy Ave taking possession of BDK’s “Ain’t No Half-Steppin.”  Not bad at all.



Phil Aid says it’s over for all of you on his rendition of “Headlines,” aptly titled “Deadlines.” Normally I would have something smart ass to say, but Hip Hop’s youngins have been stepping up big time.  I’ll let Mr. Aid have it.  I hear good things about him.



No we’re going to head back to “The Motto.”  But this time we have a good version.  Crooked I may not be able to spell slaughter, but he can slaughter a track.  Sut Sut?  What’s with these Slaughterhouse dudes making up words then not telling us what it means?  Don’t act like you know.


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