Album Review — 30 August 2011
Mixtape Review: Curren$y – Verde Terrace

By Ahmad Awadallah

Curren$y further solidifies his reputation as one of the most consistent and sickest spitters in the game with his new mixtape, Verde Terrace, hosted by Gangsta Grillz general, DJ Drama. Following up from the critically acclaimed Weekend At Burnie’s, Spitta is back with more goodies. His latest effort features rhymes over both original production and classic instrumentals from Notorious Big and Outkast, among others. Curren$y delivers the heat on this one, with very few guest features. 

The former No Limit artist sparks your interest with the smooth, piano-sifted song “Job,” an acronym for “Jets Over Bitches.” His nonchalant flow synchs well with the mellow production, but it’s his marijuana-inspired bars that really give you that gas face. The munchies will definitely hit after listening to “Job” and the remaining 13-tracks will satisfy your enormous cravings.

The New Orleans rapper jumps on the Beanie Sigel and Jay-Z instrumental “It’s On” off the B. Comingalbum. It’s a hot instrumental that was killed six years ago by the Rocafella duo and not everyone can hop on the D. Dot instrumental, but Spitta continues where both rap legends left off. It would have been dope to hear Curren$y rhyme longer than a minute- and-a half.

Fast forwarding to the present, Curren$y chooses to slay a more recent instrumental on the record “Pinifarina” which is inspired by Rick Ross and Maybach artists’ track “Pandemonium.” The heavy-blunted emcee demonstrates his versatility by going hard on this high-tempo track with the lines, “My eyes completely asian, but open the scoping for haters/they hoping I’m off on my basis/swear this weed so elegant, we should grow the shit in vases/niggas you scared of, see me in clubs in St. Casius/they in the streets, I’m in the rap game similar risks we both taken.” That’s just a taste of things to come on this delectable track.

Arguably, the hottest song on the tape is “Car Talk” which is a remake of Cam’ron and A-Mafia’s track “Yada Yada” and unfortunately it’s one of the briefest records on the project. Curren$y is sterling on this vintage Dip Set track and frankly, you wouldn’t mind hearing him flow on the high octane record for an extended period. His tricky and slippery wordplay really spark you up (no pun intended) with the opening bars “I’m a Nike head/my car entice the feds/my bitch is porno bred/you counting corny bread.”

He keeps the Harlem-inspired heat coming on the tune “One For Da Wave” in which he retunes Max B’s hood classic “Why You Do That” with a smooth, calm delivery that’s rivals the track’s original steeze, but again, the track is way too short. Even more disappointing than the length is the fact that DJ Drama fails to shout-out Max B despite their timeless Gangsta Grillz collaboration on The 7 Day Theory (the best mixtape ever.)

The reefer rapper’s latest opus is a notable body of work, but it is nothing more than a talented emcee delivering beats and rhymes. Not the most cohesive effort by the former Cash Money artist, but it certainly gives a quick fix before the main course.

black-thumbs-up black-thumbs-upblack-thumbs-up black-thumbshalf3.75 Out of 5

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