Technology — 30 June 2011
E3 Post Op: The Wii U Changes The Game
By Adam Thomas

The Electronic Entertainment Expo didn’t disappoint in the slightest, as gamers got some new information on the Playstation Portable successor: the Playstation Vita. Many of the sequels and games we wanted to know about were revealed as well, among them, Mass Effect 3Modern Warfare 3, and Halo 4. With E3 come and gone, a lot has changed in the gaming world in a very short time.

Arguably the biggest event of the show was the announcement of the Wii U. The Nintendo Wii successor debuted with features that match, and in some cases surpass current generation consoles, including backwards compatibility and Blu-Ray disc reading capacity (meaning larger games and more opportunity for developers to deliver).

The biggest move however, was the introduction of a brand new controller. The Wii U houses a tablet-like screen that is both touchscreen capable with traditional button configuration. The controller is backwards compatible with the other devices Nintendo supports currently with the Wii. With a solid  gaming company behind this, expect some serious innovation to some of our favorite Nintendo titles (I.E. Zelda, Mario, etc.) Even so, the best this system has to offer isn’t in the internals, but the controller design and accessibility.

The genius behind this controller design is the consumer base that Nintendo is targeting. With the Wii, they brought in a whole new class of new gamers with it’s simplistic gameplay and movement based control, a feature that we now see Sony and Microsoft imitating and expanding upon.

With this new Wii-U design, the name of the game is accessibility. The tablet touchscreen is an already familiar way to game for the millions of us who rely on our cellphones for enjoyment. People who aren’t use to buttons will see this controller and think how easy it is to play on the fly with a gaming implementation that most of us are used to seeing everyday.

In short, this system has the ability to bring in a lot of those new gamers who didn’t do more than play Wii Sports. While some “hardcore” gamers may sigh, this is a soft way to make more people pay attention to the world of consoles. While they may not be as excited to play the latest Uncharted title now, the possibility is there that they will be in the future, and honestly, is there a problem with that?

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