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It was quite the eventful week folks.  Beat biting and dope style taking were present as usual. But we also lost a wrestling and meat stick icon, gained at least another year of earth-bound survival and watched Keyshia Cole slough off the old and bring in the new. In one week, she managed to close the door on Lil Kim, give BET and MTV the finger and jump the broom with Boobie. Hopefully, she won’t be attending any candlelight seances going on in Cleveland begging for evil spirits to take over American Airlines Arena. Then there is the new odd couple.

You might not want to accept it (okay maybe it’s me and not you) but Ke$ha has her fingers in a lot of successful projects and has for some time.  As her star rises though, she seems to have attached it to T-Pain’s wagon, which seems to be falling at warp speed.  Per him, it’s a relationship born of mutual admiration and an imma-do-me attitude.   It sounds sincere enough.  I just hope he doesn’t end up serving as an anchor for her rise to the top.

Anyway, on with the recent wave of song stealing.  First up is The Frown.

The Frown – RockStar (NERD)

According to their Facebook page, the genre is euphoria-core.  Their aesthetic is kind of odd.  However, their twisting of NERD’s synth-driven, Hip-Hop leaning “Rock Star” is something really dark and beautiful. Menacing synth and Eve Rakow’s calm, haunting delivery give this song an alter ego.  A way cooler one.

My Brightest Diamond – The Beautiful Ones (Prince)

Next up is My Brightest Diamond with “The Beautiful Ones.” Don’t try to find the song as you remember from jump because you probably won’t.  Just let it unfold.  There’s no attempt to do anything Prince-ish and that’s appreciated. My Brightest Diamond goes for hazy acoustic and hits a bullseye.  But I swear I hear Tiny Tim on some of these notes.  It’s a great rendition nonetheless.

PJ Harvey – Lonely Avenue (Ray Charles)

Moving on, we have PJ Harvey covering Ray Charles’ “Lonely Avenue.”  She sticks to the script and doesn’t try anything too fancy. It’s not great, but it’s not horrible.  The song carries itself and may seem less than fantastic after listening to this week’s first two entries.  This has been sitting on my desktop for a minute, so don’t bother telling me I’m late. I’m aware.

Mike Posner – The Scientist (Coldplay)

Next we have Mike Posner covering Coldplay’s “The Scientist.”  I’m not a huge fan of Posner’s voice, but that’s okay, I’m not a fan of Chris Martin’s voice either. Posner takes this piano and string piece and turns it into something less boring.  Actually, the changes he made to the track are pretty good.  Now we just need a singer.

YC and Umm.. Everybody Else-Racks

Last, but not least, is the super duper ridonculous remix of YC’s “Racks.”  Look, even cheese cake in exorbitant quantities is a bad thing and cheese cake has to be the best thing in the history of ever. There are like 83 rappers on here and the song is about 3 days long. Less is more people.  Please stop doing this.

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