Interviews — 19 April 2011
Taryn Manning: Hustling And Newly Flowing

Intro by Odeisel, Interview By Tora B

Coachella was off the meter this year, with performances that ranged from seasoned veteran superstar acts like Kanye West and Erykah Badu to new jack and alternative burgeoning acts like Odd Future. Planet Ill was out there in that California sun this past weekend for the US leg of the show. After catching some of the Saturday show, we took a seat at the Belve Music Lounge to get a couple interviews, snap and few pictures and relax. Tora B sat down with method actress Taryn Manning, fresh off dropping a single as a singer/songwriter and baring it all in the recent Playboy “Sex and Music” issue. They chatted about Twitter, Playboy, internet meanies, and the highway to Heaven.

PlanetIll: What’s the craziest tweet you’ve ever gotten?

Taryn Manning: That I’ve ever gotten? I’ve gotten people’s damn phone number on twitter. I DM to take their phone number down because I let them know, you’re going to get harassed. I get mean things that people say; like why even waste your energy? You know whatever, you’re on the internet like, Facebook or Twitter and they don’t have a life or have anything to do, so they say mean things.

PlanetIll: How do you feel about the negative comments that are tweeted to you?

Taryn Manning: They are really mean. They do bother me but I’m just like, yea. You know what, I mean it just like that. However, you must take the high road and ignore it.

PlanetIll: Recently, you had tweeted, “There are no maps to guide our most important searches; we must rely on faith, chance, intuition, and willingness to be surprised.” What inspired this amazing quote?

Taryn Manning: Sometimes when I tweet something inspirational or positive, I lose followers. Or if I tweet something like talking crass or talking crap to people, I gain followers.  I was reading a book and it was a quote that I tweeted. Sometimes words from obstacles that we have in our lives that actually fit us. That quote was inspirational. Like, it’s by chance. You and I can one day be friends after this because at the end of the day you must live your life.

PlanetIll: You recently covered Playboy’s April “Sex and Music” issue. How was that experience?

Taryn Manning: It was cool. I was asked to do Playboy couple of times and I decided not to do it until now because I was too young. I had just wanted that vibe that represented me because I didn’t have the big boobs! I just wanted it like where it was fun vibe and sexiness combined.

PlanetIll: You’re a well known actress who takes on difficult and challenging roles. How do you transition from being that type of actress to being a singer/songwriter?

Taryn Manning: It’s not really a transition because I am both. It’s that with being a singer, I am able to sing my feelings. However, with acting I am able to be someone else for a moment; I don’t mind not being Taryn, to have a little escape. Put her away! I don’t mind letting her out, come back Taryn!

PlanetIll: Where do you see yourself musically/acting wise 5 years from now?

Taryn Manning: I just want to keep creating music and acting. I’m not going to be worrying myself; I plan to keep working on my craft.

PlanetIll: What’s the first thing God is going to say when you get to heaven?

Taryn Manning: I have no idea! I mean, I never killed anyone or hurt a child. You know, I’ve been a good person. Maybe, I haven’t been the best girlfriend. I don’t know.  But, I think He’ll let me in.

PlanetIll: What would you like your last words to be for this interview?

Taryn Manning: I have a new song out called, “Turn It Up,” at  It’s also, free to download. Plus, I just performed my new record!

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