Movie Review — 19 March 2011

By Odeisel

A few weeks ago, the long-suffering Wonder Woman pilot found a home at NBC, after rejections from every other network including the “Smallville”- carrying Warner Brothers affiliate the CW (DC Comics, the home of the Wonder Woman comic book is owned by Warner.) Wonder Woman is one of DC’s three top tier characters along with Superman and Batman, but aside from the Linda Carter television vehicle of the 70’s and prominent appearances in most of the DC Animated Universe movies, Wonder Woman has not enjoyed the success of the other two on the Silver Screen.

In an effort to reduce the camp of the earlier rendition of the TV Wonder Woman (along with Adam West’s version of Batman) and keeping with the comic versions revamping of the Wonder Woman costume,  they have released the new live action version. Gone are those classic red boots (and the wet dreams of nerds everywhere) as well as the uncovered legs. In there place is lots of blue, in a lighter shade than the patriotic blue of the American flag and most of the stars that adorned the older TV costume. The bracelets are larger and more warrior like than fashion accessories. The tiara is also minimized.

Some of the changes are meant to be more “functional” and “believable” but I don’t see how this costume and it’s skin tight confinement allows any more movement than the free flowing old one. Chalk another pointless change to the complaints of the politically correct express. Anyway, here’s the new Wonder Woman. Like New Coke, it pales in comparison to the original. They really could have gotten Jessica Biel to fill that costume out much better. Or even Lucy Lawless (Zena).


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  1. where the heck are her hips? floating balls on a skinny chest is so 80s. where are those hips? she looks a BRAZILIAN BOY

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  4. “Zena” really?
    And Jessica Biel? Christ.

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