Planet Ill Breakdown — 22 February 2011

By Odeisel

50 Cent is still rolling. This time he slows it down to this classic. He’s back on his classic mixtape steez with the latest “freestyle” “Run Up On Me.” The track, released yesterday after a couple teasers on Twitter is slow-roasting rotisserie raw shit.

A turtle-paced, muffled drum creates bump, while light piano key plunks add a poignant character to the melody. High-hats are spaced out with slowly staggered digital accents. It’s moody and smoked out like the scene in Boyz in the hood where they’re cleaning guns for the drive-by.It’s not adrenaline rushed, but you know nothing good (as in positive) will come from it.

50 opens up with, “My eyes don’t cry my heart so cold, let’s play Let’s Make A Deal, n***a sell me your soul,” a testament to his depraved indifference. He borrows a bit of flow from Biggie’s “Long Kiss Goodnight” while tipping his cap to the late great Alexander McQueen to put his style on display. The melodic hook is in effect but not to pop effect. That hunger is there, the grunts and growls speak to his return to underdog status, as does his recollection of 2003’s “Back Down.”

50 Cent is throwing nothing but heat in 2011. Even his detractors can have very little to impeach this time around. His next project may be what tips the balance of power the next few years if it’s calculated and executed on these.

50 Cent – “Run Up On Me”

50 cent – run up on me

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