Planet Ill Breakdown — 10 January 2011

By shelz.

The Britney Spears machine has been brilliant in creating a simmering buzz for her upcoming project.  But until this point, it has been all posturing and no new material.  That changes today though as her first offering, “Hold It Against Me” has made it to the net.

Produced by Max Martin and Dr. Luke, the club banger is pretty standard synth and bass heavy construction.  What sets it apart are the skeletal breaks (not to be confused with the paint-by-numbers chorus) that sound as if someone is dragging the synthesizer around the track.  It’s off kilter and sexy.  This plus some liquid courage and a strobe might create the perfect storm for delivering possibly the worst pick up line in the history of pick up lines.

If I said I want your body now, would you hold it against me?

Britney’s voice is awash in distortion, but she maintains that yin and yang of innocence and sin.  She sees you across the room and can’t help but to stare, approach.  She wants to get close and personal, somewhere away from the flicker of the strobe and the thump of the speakers.

Have we heard it before?  Of course.  Hell, we’ve probably heard it before from Britney.  When he’s hot and you have his attention and the Jimmy Neutron has you feeling right though, do you care?  Nope.  Plus Britney could make a mil saying nothing on a track. Word to that missing ass Mims.

Britney Spears is back with all the big willie hype all her celebrity can muster.  Her cosigns and access run long, so the new album should be pop epic.   Hold it against her?  Of course not, the pop world has been eagerly awaiting her return for years.  Enjoy the first step.

Britney Spears – “Hold It Against Me”

bs hold it against me

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