Interviews — 31 January 2011

By Odeisel

There aren’t many times where you get the opportunity to catch someone while they are in the process of getting into the game. Brandon Slavinski is a hardworking guy who’s been playing music for two-thirds of his life. He puts in serious hours and with his production company Red Letterbox, most recently with Disney and “High School Musical” alumnus Drew Seeley’s recent EP project. Hard work is not a guarantee that you’re going to be a star, but it goes along way towards keeping yourself in the business.

Planet Ill:Planet Ill is sitting here with writer/producer Brandon Slavinski. How’s everything going? 

Brandon Slavinski:Just got off stage and everything went swimmingly. I got to play guitar for Drew Seeley. It’s always a pleasure working with him; growing up together working together for several years.

Planet Ill: What other instruments do you play?

Brandon Slavinsky: I play guitar, drums, bass, piano. I play a mean kazoo.

Planet Ill: The kazoo?!

Brandon Slavinski: Yeah, it’s a tough one!

Planet Ill: Not as tough as the recorder, huh?

Brandon Slavinski: Nah, not as tough.

Planet Ill: Is the recorder even real instrument?

Brandon Slavinski: Come on dude you remember in elementary school?

Planet Ill: “Hot Cross Buns.”

Brandon Slavinski: Man, I gotta see if I can still nail that.

Planet Ill: Do they even make metal or wooden ones? Can you find on in an orchestra?

Brandon Slavinski: They have soprano recorders, alto recorders, all different types, it’s insane.

Planet Ill: So who’s the Dizzy Gillespie of recorders, who’s that dude?

Brandon Slavinski: I don’t know, I know a girl that’s pretty ridiculous at it. Her name is Jen McIntyre, she she can rock the Popeye theme song.

Planet Ill: How long have you been producing?

Brandon Slavinski:I’ve been in LA for the past three years now, working with artists of all different calibers It’s just good to be in LA and doing what I love. Did some pre-production on Drew Seeley’s album. Co-wrote “Going Under” and “Love Down Low,” and another one that hasn’t been released yet that hopefully you’ll be hearing soon.

Planet Ill: What’s the most important part of a beat? Do you start with the guitar riffs or do you start with the drums? What’s the most important rhythm in your repertoire?

Brandon Slavinski: I write in every different way possible. Sometimes I start with the piano, sometimes I start off with guitar, sometimes I start off with a beat. Then sometimes I have some sort of melody in my head and I put the rhythm behind it. It all depends on exactly how it comes together. Music can be written in so many ways, why neglect one way and limit it?

Planet Ill: What is your favorite melody?

Brandon Slavinski: I’m really cool with standard dance beats, or  like an open high hat on every other beat. I like movement, like Panic! At The Disco style. I’m a rock style producer. I enjoy all types of dance rhythm and movement beats to keep things moving.

Planet Ill: If there was anything you ‘d like people to know about your music or the reason why you perform, what would it be?

Brandon Slavinski: I think that I write music specifically because I have so many things going on in my mind that I need to get out rhythmically and musically. I’m thinking about it all the time; it’s on my brain 24/7 and If I don’t let it out I might go crazy. And every time that I write a song and it’s well received, it always makes me feel good to be spreading music to somebody who wants to listen to it. So it’s just a pleasure to write it.

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