Planet Ill Breakdown — 13 October 2010

By shelz.

Plenty of things can be said about the “We Beamin” Remix that has nothing to do with the music.  Lupe announced on Twitter it would be coming at 12:30 and damn if it didn’t show up on time.  He even released it with his list of co-conspirators and everyone’s name was spelled correctly AND it was in order of performance.  Think I’m buggin’?  These are the comforts not often afforded us with these digital spur of the moment releases.  Lupe is on top of his game before you even push play.

The futuristic mellowness of the track beckons you to plant your feet and listen. It’s not an ass shaking kind of song.  The piano cedes to atmospherics with a haunting choral tinge, thump and some laser effects provide a skeletal but head nodding foundation.  There are dips, dabs and stabs of strings layered on top as the record plays, but you knew that already.

There is no shortage of emcees in the All City Chess Club, the crew that helms this remix.  Nine emcees pitch in to fill the canvas with differing levels of skill and a myriad of styles and yes, it’s crowded.  I’m not going to get into all of them but know that Asher Roth’s flow is better off when pushed by a little more energy.  Charles Hamilton uses the N-word entirely too much. The super sleepy Lupe delivery that was starting to meander into the land of meh has been put to rest.

Moment of silence.

Blu is underrated and I really wish Diggy would wait until he goes through puberty before he records his first album. The closer, Dosage, sounds like someone we should be checking for. There are some other folks on here; B.o.B and the Cool Kids.  No stand outs in that crew.

Take a listen folks.  Lasers has a date now, 2019 or something.  So get to X’ing your calendars up because “We Beamin.”

Lupe Fiasco Feat. All City Chess Club – “We Beamin'” Remix

I’m Beaming [Remix]

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