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What happening folks?  And The Beat is back with your weekly dose of all that is freestyled and beat jacked throughout out the week.  There actually haven’t been too many interesting from the mic to the net songs in the last handful of days, but what I have I will share.  I guess people are actually working on original material, but one thing is for sure.  This week on the urban news front has been anything but boring.

Vibe released a beast of an article about the gay experience at Morehouse.  Ha.  I kid.  Vibe released a story about a handful of boys who want to dress like girls on campus and how far they can poke out their bottom lips when the school says,  “No.”  Silly, but scintillating and I’m still not seeing the big deal. T.I. has officially adopted the title of police negotiator for talking a possible jumper off of the roof of an Atlanta high-rise days before his “I Want to Get Hiiiiiigh. So hiiiiiigh” parole violation hearing.  He said God put him there to help and if you think it was staged you are preposterolizing poppycock. God doesn’t like preposterolizing poppycock you know.

Anyway, on with the show.  First up is La Roux and Kanye West.

Unlike everyone else in the free world, I’m not a huge fan of Brit duo La Roux.  However, Kanye West must be because he leant some pretty dark lyrics to their uber-hit “In For the Kill.” He’s following the quite common line of vampire metaphors or maybe it’s werewolf.  Who knows?  I’ll just be glad when this whole creature of the night thing goes away.

La Roux Featuring Kanye West – “In For The Kill”

La Roux Ft. Kanye West – In For The Kill (Remix) GUTTAHIPHOP.COM(2)

Next is Shakira with a cover of The xx’s “Islands.”  This isn’t the first time we have hosted a cover of this song.  The Pretty Reckless copped a verse from this song and added it to the chorus from Eminem and Rihanna’s portrait of domestic dysfunction, “Love The Way You Lie” for a double cover of sorts.  Shakira adds a bit of brightness to this piece that the previous cover missed, but I still prefer the original.

Shakira – “Islands (Explore)”

Shakira – Islands (Explore)

Young Mel and Bekay hop on the “Monster” bandwagon and pump out a pretty hype freestyle.  There are more vampire and werewolf metaphors and a slight nod to the brilliance of Jay Electronica. Both emcees bring an awesome frenetic energy that makes you want to do the Flava Flav dance, so get your clock and your fronts and press play.

Young Mel and Bekay – “Monster”


Moving on we have Johnta Austin with his version of “Fancy.”  I’m not sure why he can release these net singles but hasn’t been able to get his album situation straight.  Ocean Drive is starting to look like Detox and we don’t even care about Detox anymore so that really doesn’t bode well for Mr. Austin because he’s not exactly Dr. Dre.  I don’t know if this is him rapping or not.  He also has a raga section that the song could probably do without.  This is pretty piece-meal. He’s so talented.  I just don’t understand any of this.

Johnta Austin – “Fancy”

Johnta Austin – Fancy (Remix) GUTTAHIPHOP.COM

Last but not least.  Or better yet, last and least is Justin Beiber freestyling over Cam and Vado’s “Speaking Tongues.” I have nothing to say about this.  Absolutely nothing, except Bieber’s rap handle is Shawty Mane, like a shorter version of Gucci Mane…with no Gucci.

On another note, Harlem World lost one of its most beloved representers Tuesday night when Andre Hudson aka Huddy Combs was killed in a tragic auto accident.  He was a friend of some of the Planet Ill fam and will definitely be missed. Keep him in your thoughts as his friends and family move through this difficult time.

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