Planet Ill Breakdown — 21 September 2010

By shelz.

The artist formerly known as Prince is back to calling himself Prince but his spiritual progression has led him far afield from the raunchy underwear and bandanna wearing foot soldier for smut we came to know and really love. That spot he held has been vacant for years; primarily because no one in today’s market is that talented.  Nor would any of these male singers be able to go on a gender bending sex tizzy without being taunted broke wrist style.  It’s silly, but very true.

However, there are folks here and there who jack his style and run; hoping people will see it more as homage than stylistic theft.  It’s hard to emulate Prince without sounding like a parody because his sense was so unique.  He may very well be an artist beyond decent interpretation.  But you know that won’t stop the ambitious from trying. Enter Scissor Sisters with “Sex Exciter.”

It’s no surprise that a band who achieved initial success with a single that sounded like a Gibbs brothers re-work of Pink Floyd would have the balls to step into the purple ones realm.  However, they do nothing to spin this style into their own.  It’s just bad replication, pure and simple.

From the vocals to the arrangement, it’s like Thursday night karaoke Minneapolis style.  I would break it down, but I would honestly have the same thing to say about every element.  It’s extreme biting, the Scissor Sisters way.  If you have listened to their music before, this is par for their course though.

“Sex Exciter” would probably be great if Prince never existed, but he did and I’d much rather listen to Dirty Mind.  Thanks.

Scissor Sisters – “Sex Exciter”

Scissor Sisters – Sex Exciter

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  2. It sounds like a bad 1980’s song. What dumb ass gave the green light for this project.

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  5. I strongly disagree. They’re both great songs.

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