Planet Ill Breakdown — 09 August 2010

By Odeisel

Diddy has amassed a “Dream Team” of sorts in an attempt to attach himself to the talent of others. He’s always been good at using his boundless energy to push others with real talent but at this point in his career, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that his days of mining talent is over and perhaps he’s best suited at pushing established brands. In this first of what is presumably an endless stream of Dream Team collaboration to come, Red Café features Diddy and Fabolous on the song “Money Money Money.” It can only go downhill from there.

The song begins with some Afro-Cuban rhythm similar (and perhaps the same song) as the Gangstarr classic “Manifest.” That joy is short-lived however, as that fades out to handclapping club crap and some kid repetitively speaking “money money money” in a lame ass attempt at recreating the A Milli sound. Predictably, the 808s roll in and the first words are “every day I hustle, every day I’m getting money.” *Sigh. More paying for pussy, more throw it in the bag, and any cliché you could conceivably connect to ghetto opulence is repeated ad nauseum throughout the song.

Fabolous does nothing for his reputation as a skilled MC, dropping disposable trash over this throwaway club beat. Diddy does his usual cameo appearance where he has charisma but little else and reminds you of how Bad Boy used to get it. Red Café is forgettable.”Any given day I’m pouring honey on your honey.” You can’t make this up.

There will be apologists for this song, saying it’s for the clubs and what have you, but it’s just not dope. Maybe after a lot of liquor and the jiggling tits of similarly drunk, never-wore- heels-before-so-they-ar- off-balance-and-even- jigglier chicks surround you drinking Nuvo, you’ll be in the right mood to ignore how weak this record is. Or maybe you’re 15. Either way, nobody in their 30s and above should be making songs like this. I remember when I supported Puffy saying he wouldn’t stop. If these songs continue, I may begin praying for it.

Red Cafe Feat Diddy & Fabolous-Money Money Money Red Cafe-Money Money Money (Feat Diddy and Fabolous)

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