Planet Ill Breakdown — 17 August 2010

By shelz.

Detox? Yes. Okay. Whatever.

Dre is ideating on some sort of solar system sound track and still has his cronies telling stories akin to urban legend about the (per them) right around the corner release of this album.

“He has 8,251.5 tracks completed and they’re all fiyaaaaah; especially the 2,100 songs I’m on.”

“I was in the lab with him yesterday helping him pick the cover art. Really.”

“Yo, it already dropped in Kazahkstan.  He’s just testing the market.”

Most fans are way beyond hope and Detox has become the barometer by which all things that will never ever happen are measured. However, a little drip here and there still gives some folks hope that Detox will materialize and once again all will be right in the Hip-Hop universe.  The latest is this short, odd track called “Turn Me On.”

There isn’t much here except a hint that the world of space according to Dre might be real since this track leads with some street corner harmonizing about wishing on a star. The vocals are soon joined by some speaker rattling thump, a see-sawing synth and a young lady who is obviously in heat. Touches of atmospherics add some thickness to the track as Dre describes himself as aphrodisiac in the flesh.

The track actually isn’t half bad.  The chorus amps up the density and the funk construction is great.  However, the cats harmonizing at the beginning seem an out of place puzzle piece and the lyrics push beyond sexy into high levels of contrived tawdriness.  As always, Dre lumbers a bit, but we’re used to that.

In the minute and 45 second clip there is great and then not so much.  Is it a work in progress or a throw away?  Who knows?  It’s Dre and it should tide his fans over until the release of his next album which should be around the 32nd of Nevereveuary. Watch for it.

Dr. Dre “Turn Me On”

Dr. Dre – Turn Me On (No Tags)_2dope

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