Album Review — 08 June 2010

By Odeisel

After two consecutive sub-par albums, Eminem returns to the stage with Recovery, the album formerly known as Relapse 2. The album is a declaration of Eminem

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  3. I think that the entire album is great. It’s full of sorrow and somehow remorse. He is a great songwriter and he succeeds in transmitting all the emotion with a few words.

  4. this album blew my mind, cold wind blows. AMAZING cant be bothered to type out all the names of the rest of the songs but they are all WOWWWWWWW, get this album if you like GOOD MUSIC

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  6. Descent review but I feel the album’s a classic

    We have our different point of view but I could connect to alot of songs .

    No stanism or d*** riding in my head btw

  7. Fuckin’ Awesome, Just Don’t Get Cinderella Man…. Not His Usual Stuff, But Still Album Rocks.
    My Favourite Is Almost Famous.

  8. This is the worst review period. The album is a classic, there isnt one bad song in the album. Every single song outdoes any single on relapse, and eminem says it himself, “When i recorded encore i was on drugs, on relapse i was flushing them out, so the last two albums dont count” Its so dissapointing seeing you take the credibility of this masterpiece. This review is UNRELIABLE people!

  9. Crazy album. I don’t know where 3.75 came from but this definitely 4.5 – 5, but hey I’m no expert.

  10. This CD is amazing. This critic just wants to hear themselves sound good. Although he was correct about some of the chorus’s. I honestly don’t think the chorus’s were that bad, but it was just that EMs flow was so sick you didn’t want it to end. 10/10 on this CD. He keeps sayin’ “He’s Back”. Hes more than back hes better than ever.

  11. This is a sh!tty review…4.5-5 easy

  12. I thought Spacebound was one of the strongest tracks on the album 🙂

  13. I love the Space Bound hook. It isn’t annoying at all, it’s beautiful.

  14. I enjoyed your review. I think Recovery is one of Eminem’s best albums. Check out what we wrote about the album and let us know what you think. It was the FIRST review of Recovery published online:

  15. Eminem is so similar to Madonna in many ways, The Beatles, The Who, Jimi Hendrix and all the big selling musical artists. They have that degree of flexibility, intelligence and the knack of being one step ahead of most people in their genre. They also are in process of always reinventing themselves whilst keeping who they are intact. This talent adds up to a quality that many fall short of and that’s why he is as popular as he is. Pure Genius.

  16. I have heard so many people stating they are eminem fans but slating the album. This is to all these people each stand alone album eminem has released takes you on a jorney though his state of mind at the time. A real fan should just be happy eminem is in a good place mentaly. I have even heard people saying “instead of slating other pop artists hes singing with them”, for god sake he puts out what hes feeling and he has grown up as an artist, this is a new direction for eminem to expolre let him be his self .

  17. ‘Critics man, critics have never got something nice to say man. You know the one thing I noticed about critics man, is critics never asked me how my day was…well imma tell ’em.’
    Pre-empted your strike, didn’t he?

    If you weren’t a critic, you too would love this album, (assuming you are into music.)If not, then you shouldn’t be writing reviews about it.

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  19. This is one of those albums that takes more than one listen to relax into.
    That’s a pretty harsh review of one of his best albums yet.
    Now directin: yes. But the actual quality of the rhymes and Dre’s craftsmanship? Unquestionable.

  20. Don´t know why Odeisel writes so bad about recovey. IMO it´s the best album Eminem ever made.
    I agree with em fan, this album shows that Eminem is in a very good state of mind know. And every real fan should be very happy about it! Hope he comes some day again to europe and hope the next album (if there will be another one day) will be as great as recovery.

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