Album Review — 02 June 2010

By Odeisel

Fair or foul, great expectations can often make reality untenable.

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  2. good review! very unbiased… I’m listenin to the album right now and agree with most of what you say, the album starts really really slow with those three songs… i thought i was listening to 808s and heartbreak again for a minute

  3. SFG started off really slow, too. I mean it is what it is but something tells me in a year, he’ll be a year removed from even more hugely successful singles and a damn solid debut. His material ages impeccably. The subtleties in the words especially. Nobody called ‘Get Rich’ or ‘2001’ or even ‘Late Registration’ classics until years down the line, why? Certain expectations just are impossible to live up to, and unlike those not like it was targeted to the strict hip-hop audience anyway. I feel like most people still don’t understand his lane, albeit three mixtapes up to this point.

  4. Good review, but I’d give it a solid 3.

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  6. who are the 3 kings Odeisel???

    Descent review..wished there was a lil more rap and less singing tho

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