Album Review — 17 May 2010

By Odeisel

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  2. Couldn’t disagree more – this is her best work since Kalidescope!

    Unfortunately alot of people don’t seem to get it. Something Kelis is altogether used to by now.

  3. You completely missed the point. Obviously not your kind of album but within the genre Kelis NAILED it.

  4. WRONG WRONG WRONG! Sorry man but it’s one of her best albums to date. You have to play them continuously in order to realize that the beats flow into each other as if its one 40 minute song. The songs portray the same messages as in her older R & B style songs, but with a fun beat to make it easier to move to and enjoy. Electro is the new thing and average, none devout people can get into this new Kelis more than the could the old, somewhat plain (well, not to me) and bland typical R & B artist.

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