Sports — 24 April 2010

By Odeisel

We all prepare for our eventual professions through the formative stages in our lives, via high school, college, et cetera. With sports it is no different, and the journey of prospective professional prospects and their journey from high school selections to NFL draft picks is one of the most transparent processes there is.

Student athletes deal with many pressures, both social and scholastic, as well as the game day jitters, the screams of coaches, the health concerns; trying to avoid dramatic injuries that could derail the dreams for which they have have sweated and bled. They get poked and prodded like cattle, evaluated and background checked like criminals, and put under the microscope.

But at the end of that journey lies riches beyond the imaginings of regular folk, and all the commensurate fame and attention. At the end of theay, if you are successful, it’s not a bad life.

Wednesday night, on the day before Round 1 of the NFL draft, we caught up to two players who would eventually go first and second in the draft, Sam Bradford, quarterback, and defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh. While they were certainly trying to get their fair share of hot women, ?uestlove driven beatmania, and of course the free booze, we managed to twist their arms for a few minutes of their time on their last night as amateurs.

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