Editorial (societal) — 15 March 2010

By G.I.N.A. (Game Is Not Allowed)

Fear is a funny thing.  The same emotion that produces rapid heartbeats and sweaty palms can also motivate.  It’s nothing more than a control mechanism we allow to enable phobias and hindrances that cause many of us to freeze up, and remain stagnant.  Sometimes we put so much energy into being scared, we keep ourselves from moving forward.  The sad fact is there is deceptive comfort in fear.  It seems more appealing to do what we are accustomed to or feel safe in.  The shining moment happens when we regain control and use fear to our advantage.

As children we are trained to be scared.  How many of us slept with a night light? Why? When we were youngsters we couldn’t rationalize that if we turn off a light in an empty room, the room is still empty, just dark.  That rationale may have been lost on the little ones who hear tales of the boogey man or some other fictitious, night-stalking ghoul. 

Now we’re adults and some of us still use the nightlight. While we are completely confident no monsters live under our bed, we continue to let fear of the unknown keep us in a holding pattern like air traffic over New York City.  Why is it so hard to take a risk and try something different?

Everyone close to me knows I’m afraid to fly. I will travel by land or by sea, just keep me out of the sky.  It’s not as if I’ve never flown, I just have an unshakeable fear.  There used to be a time when the mere thought of an impending flight caused what must have been anxiety attacks (or the closest I’ve come to one).  I have gotten better, although, I only go on short distance flights. Anything longer than three, four hours and I have to be knocked out like B.A. from the A-Team.  I realize the limits I’m putting on my exposure to the rest of the world but I can only keep the “imagine I’m on a bus” charade going for so long, I will take my chances on the ground.

Sure I may only have enough courage to fly to Florida but I’m working it out. The fear of not living before I die forces me to keep booking flights (one or two a year, I’m not completely cured).  If we took what rattles us to the core and made it our walking stick, there could be so much accomplished; more people would truly live life without the setbacks we, ourselves create.     

Many have fear twisted. You have to use fear to bring about your own good luck.  Acknowledge all blessings; fear God first, because without Him the place we’re in could be a lot worse.  Never fear man- fear homelessness, fear going hungry, fear alcoholism and drug addiction.  Just don’t say your fears out loud, Satan’s always listening; he’ll use your fears against you and you’ll become a slave to him.  Fear mediocrity,fear loss of sanity; fear the loss of humanity.  Fear death before life is lived. Definitely fear Karma that ish is real. Fear is the push we need to keep up the fight.  Fear underachieving, go out and live life- my “Ode to Fear”.  Be brave.

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