Interviews — 01 March 2010

By Odeisel

Artists transfer the fantasies they see to the reality of canvas and Leonardo Da Vinci was one of the greatest in human existence. DaVinci, the rapper, attempts to take the fantasy that so many rappers portray in rhyme and transform it to reality in the  booth, not only adding consequence to these tales of urban woe, but also to add a level of responsibility  and redemption for the evil that men do.

Hailing from Fillmore California, with an impending album The Day the Turf Stood Still on the way, DaVinci is making his rounds on the indie circuit as is the tradition of many Bay Area emcees, in the hopes that he can distinguish himself from your everyday trap rapper. While we’ve seen this many times as the archetype is firmly established, perhaps his personality and execution will allow us to make that separation.

Planet Ill sat down with DaVinci to see what he was about. Admittedly, we didn’t expect much as street rappers are generally a dime a dozen.  What we discovered was a man of some depth who is keenly self aware and genuine regarding his music, and determined to deliver music that is hard hitting and grounded in reality. But don’t take our word for it. Take his. Unedited. Time to show and prove.

Planet Ill: How did you choose the name DaVinci?

Planet Ill: Why do you rap?

Planet Ill: What separates you from any other street rapper?

Planet Ill: How do you reconcile doing dirt with redemption?


Planet Ill? What defines manhood to you? Are there many men rapping?

Planet Ill: How important is it that children take a message from what you put out?

Planet Ill: What’s the hardest thing you ever had to live through?

Planet Ill: How did you choose your album title? 

Planet Ill: Who handled the production on your album?

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