Sports — 21 February 2010

By Hot Rod! The Rowdy One

Howdy folks, we’re back for another round of Out of Bounds here on Planet Ill. While the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada seems to be the big story in the world of sports, it took a Tiger’s roar to put the world of sports at  a stand still. We’ll get to Tiger’s press conference in a little bit, but there were other highlights in the world of sports that caught my attention, so let’s get into it.

Last Sunday, the 2010 NBA All-Star took place at Cowboy Stadium. It was a record-breaking game for attendance with 108,713 people in the building to see the best from the Easter and Western Conference in the NBA going head to head. The game looked to be a blow-out from the Eastern Conference All-Stars early in the, but during the last five minutes of the game, the Western Conference  All-Stars turned it up and made it a game in the final minutes; the most exciting moments of the All-Star Weekend.


The Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade was the All-Star MVP, but the Denver Nuggets’ Carmelo Anthony had a strong performance and had the Western Conference won, ‘Melo would have won the All-Star MVP award.

Although the All-Star Weekend for the most part was lackluster, we still got a good game towards the end. Hopefully the NBA can find a way to spice up next year’s All-Star Weekend because after this year’s display, the NBA is at risk of losing the interest of the casual fan and risk the loss of ratings and especially money. We’ll see what happens next year.

Speaking of the NBA, Denver Nuggets head coach, George Karl announced that he has been diagnosed with neck and throat cancer and will be out for some time for treatment. This is Coach Karl’s second bout with cancer. Our prayers go out to Coach Karl for a speedy recovery.

While we’re still on basketball, did anyone see the end of Georgia Tech’s game against Maryland from Saturday? How do you lose to a team by two buzzer beaters in less than a minute? The Terrapins showed us how in yesterday’s game:

You know the NCAA Tourney is right around the corner when things like this happen!!!

Also, today at 7:40pm, Team USA will face Team Canada in Olympic Hockey.  If you’re not a hockey fan, this would be a good time to watch the sport because this isn’t just an Olympic hockey game; this is a hockey game with a rivalry attached. These types of games are always the ones that can grab the casual fan because of the back story. Also, today is the eve of the 30th anniversary of the Miracle on Ice. I know I touched on it in last week’s edition of Out of Bounds, and this week, ESPN’s Outside the Lines did a nice story about the Miracle on Ice and some of the untold tales about that memorable day in Olympic and U.S. sports history.

Outside the Lines also did another great piece this week about Florida State Safety and Rhodes Scholar, Myron Rolle. Check out the video below and when you get a chance, read the piece.

In our ever changing world, we  always seem to seek role models for the future. This young man’s path is the stuff that role models are made from. Hopefully his path leads to great endeavors in both a career in the NFL and his personal life.

Since the topic of role models have come up, it’s now time for the big story of the week. Tiger Woods finally spoke:

Everyone, including our very own A Negro and A Keyboard who wrote a great piece about Tiger’s situation, had something to say about Tiger’s press conference.  A few months ago when the story broke, I added my two cents about the situation and I stand by what I said. Despite his scripted “press conference,” there was sincerity behind his words and that he is sorry for his actions and that he has a long road ahead of him to get back into the good graces of the public.

Many peopledon’t feel that Tiger owes people an apology. Tiger Woods, as a man, doesn’t owe the public an apology.  Tiger Woods, the corporation, does. Like all corporations who have had mishaps that have affected the public, public apologies are mandate. Toyota has been apologizing left and right for the past month because of their faulty parts. Like Toyota, Tiger Woods the athlete is a corporation.

He’s a money maker for Nike, EA Sports, the PGA, and any other company he endorses. His apology wasn’t just for the fans; it was for those who are his sponsors as well. He has to make those people feel that he’s back on the right track and that he can represent the product to the fullest with no controversies.  So as I asked before in my earlier piece, cut him some slack.

That’s all for now, but be sure to check back next week for another edition of Out of Bounds on Planet Ill. Be easy. 1.

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