Classic Clash Planet Ill Original — 17 January 2010

By shelz.

Foxy Brown and Lil Kim circa 2010 evoke thoughts that are rarely tied to their music.  Musings about plastic surgery, weight gain, prison time, and lawsuits plague the two Hip Hop divas as they are more likely to be found on TMZ than MTV these days. That was not the case in 1996.  In the mid 90’s this pair were the only females in their crews and being held down by Hip Hop royalty.  As front and center sex kittens for Biggie and Nas, Kimberly and Inga merged street credibility with overwhelming bedroom sensibilities to take femcee filthiness to new levels and brought those images to a boil with their debut albums, Hard Core and Il Na Na.

Plenty of female rappers take shots for having a hands-off role in the creation of their own music, but we have seen that even the men these days are given leeway on that, so whether you believe these ladies deserve props for their own albums or not, both Hard Core and Ill Na Na generated mass followings for the them as well as a slew of children (ahem Ms. Minaj) who wanted to get on the sexually empowered female gangsta bandwagon.  But which of these albums tickled your nasty as you want to be fancies more?

After a few key features and an introduction to the rap world through Junior M.A.F.I.A.’s Conspiracy, Lil Kim with Puff and B.I.G. in tow crafted what is unanimously thought of as her best album.  Hard Core was full of chunky beats cut with lush soul samples thanks to a diverse production staff including Stretch Armstrong, Jermaine Dupri and several of Bad Boy’s in-house team, The Hitmen. However, the production, at a time when NY beat masters were killing everything in sight, wasn’t what made the album special.  The Queen B’s ability to slip and slide through the beats like they were satin sheets while expressing her no-holds-barred gangster whore ideologies without one ounce of remorse catapulted this release into the empowerment cosmos.

I’m not suggesting that all of us chicks should cock back the nina and hold it to the head of whoever is lucky enough to catch us with our panties down just to hold him hostage until he breaks us off properly. (Even if you REALLY want to) However, there’s nothing wrong with that play-play alter ego allowing us a moment of men-aren’t-good-for-anything-unless-they-are-buried-face-first-in-the-bushes Zen. As raunchy and distasteful as some, okay most, of those lyrics were; Hard Core established Lil Kim as Hip-Hop’s resident female super hero. 

She was uptown enough to know the difference between princess and emerald cut, but downtown enough to know how to load a .45 and the diamond cluster hustler rocked nothing but Prada (well when she wasn’t in Gabana).  What woman wouldn’t want to spend a day in those Jimmy Choos? Even after the more thoughtful feminist types got a hold of the album and denounced Kim’s less-than-PC material I’m sure even they had to acknowledge the fantasy that the persona Kim presented was a bit kick ass. 

Lil Kim is not the best rapper in the world, but she held her own against some of the day’s best emcees including Jay-Z and Notorious BIG and produced quite the moral bending experience. Right on her heels though, was The Firm’s contribution to the sexpot rapper contingent and to the table she brought a sexy, seductive voice, plenty of her own lurid sex tales and a very very Ill Na Na.

Foxy Brown, just like the femme fatale character she borrowed her name from, presented the ultimate in sexy and deadly as the lone chica in her fantasy mafia crew, The Firm.  Book ended by AZ and Nas, she found herself in serious company but still managed to snatch the spotlight for a moment with the release of her debut album Ill Na Na.  Produced solely by the TrackMasters, the album had an astute mixture of Hip-Hop and R&B, ferocious thump and verdant instrumentation borrowed from soul classics of yesteryear. Slickly spread across the 13 track drop was Foxy’s husky, confident voice extolling street virtues, proper brand placement and the mattress back way.  However, like Lil Kim, Foxy’s sex tales kicked submission to the curb and the Firm’s princess let the fellas know in no uncertain terms if she says bye to her mans for you, you better be ready for the plans she has for you.

The album was tight in its lyrical constructs.  Foxy was not about your bullshit.  She didn’t have time to cuddle afterwards because The Firm put a ring on it and she was responsible for the dough and the guns.  She left cab fare on the nightstand for her nightly exploits and sipped on nothing but the best.  Foxy unabashedly made it cool to be a good fella type of lady and she did so suited in Channel and flossing the clearest of ice.  The critics scrunched their faces, suggested she put some clothes on and wash her potty mouth out with soap, but in hot bitch fantasy land, her narratives were totally acceptable.

However, one of these brown bombshells has to rule the roost.  Is it Notorious Kim or Foxy Brown.  You make the choice.

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  2. ill nana.. foxy was much more musically inclined, she brought grittyness, playfulness & reality on her album. plus her tunes are remembered to this day.

    Kim’s was more one-sided, based on sex n that’s it.

  3. i am going to grudgingly say hardcore even though i do agree with 2Mention that foxy’s album was more diverse in its subject range

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  5. Kims album banged harder. I bumped “Drugs” non-stop when hitting up the weed spots (which I no longer do.. lol).

    Also, I remember being in Maria Davis’ spot in Manhattan and when the DJ threw on Kims joint… the girls went wild. All of them singing “I used to be scared of the d**k, now I put lips to s**t”…

    I then realized how powerful hip hop could be for better or worse…

  6. lil kim is the definition of ryde or die bitch, no kim, no fox boogie, no eve, no trina, no niki minaj….period dot…what up shelz, kudos on the piece…real niggas fuck wit’ shelz like they fux wit’ lil kim….1!

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  9. Ummm shouldn’t they both fall back for f*cking up the game? These two chicks are why people think females can’t and DON’T write rhymes and can only get on if they spread they legs for a rapper. (Kim letting Biggie smash, Foxy sexing Jay). But I’ll at least give Foxy props for being able to freestyle and admiting to having a ghost writer before she started writing her own rhymes. Kim still uses the occasional ghost writer, can’t freestyle and not to mention the only chick to get 5 mics just based off the whole “I’m going to jail” hype.

  10. @ Xavier

    Seriously lighten up. S men can rap about getting head, f*cking whores and getting money but women can’t? Kim did something all the females were scared to do, and that was go up against the men in THEIR OWN GAME. Kim didn’t fuck up the game, if anything she opened doors for the current female rappers. The first female to shake up the charts, THE BLUEPRINT!

    Btw, Kim writes her own rhymes, the only time she didn’t was when B.I.G did Queen B*tch for her, other than that it has been said by artists and hip hop veterans that Kim writes, even B.I.G himself said it. And yes she can freestyle and she goes hard, check them out on Youtube.

  11. Ill Na Na’s better subject wise and more real but production and flow go to Hard Core. It’s a semi toss up lyrically.

    And Kim can freestyle??? News to me. To bad Foxy couldn’t stay outta jail and got hooked on morphine. But still Jay woulda black balled her anyway soooo…

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